The Boyd Twins Scholarship

Who are the Boyd Twins

 The Boyd Twins are Tomcena Clark and Pancena Monroe. Both Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Monroe were charter members and graduates of Bethune-Cookman College. They raised their children to put education and God first in all that they do and not to be afraid to be a voice within the community. Mrs. Clark is the grandmother of our founder, Ms. Banks and recently passed away. In honor of their legacy The Boyd Twins Scholarship was born under F2 Liturgical Dance Academy  

What are the Scholarship requirements:

We are offering three scholarship for the current academic school year. The scholarships will be awarded to a current 5th grades, 8th grader and 12th grader. Each applicant must complete the application completely, have 2 reference forms (1 personal, 1 academic) and complete the essay (minimum word requirement varies depending on grade level). The minimum GPA requirement is 2.5



Application   Begins           May 21

Application   Deadline       June 15

Scholarship Team Review     June 16-June 23

Award   Letters sent       June 25

Scholarship   Ceremony   June 30 



Each recipient will receive an awards letter and invitation to the scholarship ceremony. They will also receive a Plaque in their name and a monetary reward based on their grade level (please see below):


5th   grader              100.00

8th   grader              200.00

12th   grader            500.00

If you have any additional questions please call 704-726-0644 or email


scholarship information (pdf)